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Welcome! My name is Somesh Valentino Curti, I work as psychologist for expats in Amsterdam since 2011.
I speak English and Italian. My practice is a process through which you can set yourself free from old patterns, open up to new perspectives in life and become creative, sensitive and fully alive again.

My area of expertise lies in the following range of contexts:

Expat process: I support expats during their integration process so that they find their own way to express themselves and their abilities.

Emotional instabilities: Such as anxiety, depression, stress, conflicts (within the family or at work) and low self esteem. I help people to get out of those circumstances and make a new start.

Relationships: I help find a way out of your couple conflicts in order to start experiencing relationships with joy again, by means of individual and couple sessions.

Sexuality: I support you to let your sexual problem go, understand your sexuality better and discover how to experience and enjoy it.

Addiction to food (anorexia, bulimia), sex (porn, prostitutes, compulsive behavior), relationships, gambling, substances (drugs, alcohol), money, work, shopping etc. I will help you find an appropriate strategy for your specific addiction and start opening up to life again.

If you need support during a difficult moment in your life, do not hesitate to contact me by phone 06-34222153 (from Tues to Fri / 10AM – 7:00 PM) or e-mail and share your experience.

My approach is based on a first session during which we get to know each other and define how I can help you. Then we start with what I call a Basic Program: 7 sessions in which we define what is the situation you want to change, the goal you wish to achieve and select an appropriate therapeutic strategy. During the 8th session, we check the results of the Basic Program and, if necessary, continue working on your issue at a deeper level, or face a different topic and explore new sides of yourself.


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