Biography and Qualifications

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My name is Somesh Valentino Curti, from Torino (Italy). I am an English and Italian speaking psychologist for expats in Amsterdam. Here you can read my biography.

I graduated from the University of Torino as a Clinical and Community Psychologist in 2005. For four years I worked as a psychologist for immigrants and addicts at a non-profit organization in Italy. In 2010 I worked as  counselor and meditation facilitator at Osho Meditation Resort (Pune, India) first and than at Osho Santorini Meditation & Therapy Center (Greece). In 2011 I moved to Amsterdam (NL) and I started working as therapist for expats. I am a member of NIP and Europsy and a certified Relationship and Sex Counselor.

The way I work with people is not only a result of my studies, training and working experience, but also of my experience as an expat, the people I met, the process I went through myself, and the joy, love and freedom I discovered in my heart!

I have also needed to be guided during difficult moments in my life. This experience gave me the possibility to get to know myself better, to become aware of my needs and of what I really want. What I achieved is now growing inside me. I take care of my achievements by watering and pruning them. They became beautiful plants, blooming. I’d like to share the flowers with you…


NIP Psycholoog, Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, The Netherlands, 2012

Relationship and Sex Counselor, Osho Humaniversity, The Netherlands, 2012

EuroPsy Psychologist, European Certificate in Psychology, 2007

Clinical and Community Psychologist, University of Torino, Italy, 2005


Psychologist for expats, Private practice, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since 2011

Psychologist for expats, at Expatriate Counselling, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011-2012

Counselor and meditation facilitator, at Osho Santorini Meditation Center, Santorini, Greece, 2010

Counselor and meditation facilitator, at Osho International Resort, Pune, India, 2010

Psychologist  for addicts and immigrants, at Associazione Gruppo Abele, Torino, Italy, 2006-2009

All the above  experience is part of my background, including 7 years of therapy experiences in different sectors of the Psychology practice: relationships, primal, sexuality, expats issues, creativity and meditation.