Individual and Couple Therapy

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Therapy, Creativity and Meditation techniques are the tools that I combine in my practice as English and Italian speaking psychologist in Amsterdam. I give individual and couple sessions. My method is called “from Re-pression to Ex-pression”: It is a process of transformation that allows you to unblock your emotions, change some key situations in your life and start living in tune with your core life energy.


Listening, Mirroring and Confronting Sessions: These are sessions where I help you to become more aware of your behaviors, attitudes and emotions, to discover new sides of yourself and to express yourself. When I listen to you, you find the space and time to freely express yourself without any kind of censure. When I mirror you, it becomes easier for you to see what is happening inside of you and many confusing situations become clear. When I confront you, I stimulate your suppressed emotions and feelings to come out in order to give you the possibility to face them.

Bioenergetics, Emotional Release Techniques and Body Exercises: These are methods that I use during individual and group sessions, through which you can express in a direct way emotions like fear, anger and pain using body movements, sounds and breathing. All will happen in an appropriate and safe setting. Without using an articulated language one allows the irrational to come out in a safe and healthy way. Expressing these emotions gives a deep sense of emotional, psychological and physical relaxation and brings new awareness (to know more: see Lowen, Anger and Workshops).

 Here you can watch some Bioenergetics exercises.
These tools help reduce the symptoms of anxiety
and allow energy to go flow to the lower part
of your body: legs, pelvis area and belly.
They are made to help you experience a sense of well-being and natural joy.

Creative Techniques

Photo by Flickr user Desiree Tonus


Theatrical Exercises: These are tools to develop new skills and capabilities that can enrich personal and professional life. During these sessions one can explore his/her inner world and express it. It is a process that gives you more awareness of who you are and the possibility to discover unknown sides of yourself.

Dancing, Painting, Spontaneous Writing: All arts create wellness and beauty. The more you use them without restrictions, the more you become creative, alive and sensitive. Using these techniques one learns the language of the inner world and how to unblock your emotions. It is a process that will show you a new way to express yourself.


Active Meditations: These techniques are defined as “active” because they are based on the free expression of one’s body. They were created by an Indian master called Osho.

There are different stages in each meditation, in which the music gives the opportunity to your emotions and feelings to be expressed. These techniques were created for the “modern man”, in order to bring him back to a more natural state, to expand his awareness and to become aware of his most intimate inner spaces.

Meditation is a process of knowing our inner world, our intimacy, our depth. We live in a society that is mind-oriented and in which all interests are about the external world: money, work, career, relationships etc. It seems that there is no space for our intimate world to be expressed.

Meditation is a revolution because when we close our eyes to the external world, we are able to express our emotions with no restrictions and start a journey in which we discover what is our real essence.

Here you can watch one of the active meditations
of Osho: Kundalini Meditation. It helps to ground your body, relax your mind and bring you in touch with
an inner space of intimacy and peace.

If you you want know more and try the methods I use, feel free to contact me.