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Emotional Release Workshops

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During Emotional Release workshops you will be helped to get to know, explore and express your emotions. This is essential because carrying emotional baggage makes us feel blocked and we cannot be truly happy and free in life. These workshops are an opportunity to become more aware of feelings, to increase your capacity to deal with them and to express the emotions you are struggling with. Participating in these workshops can be an important step in order to be more free and open.

We will combine various ways of exploring emotions together with expressive and body-oriented techniques from Western and Eastern culture such as: Bioenergetics, Encounter, Shaking and (active) meditations, in order to allow an emotional release through body and voice. All will happen in an appropriate and safe setting in which feedback from the therapists will help you to understand and heal your issues and group and couple sharing will make you feel more understood, connected and less alone.

Have you participated in our previous workshops? Great! You are very welcome to join again as we will use different and similar exercises during these workshops.

Have you not participated in our previous workshop? Great! You are very welcome to join and experience this for yourself! If you like to get to know us before the workshops or have more information, we can arrange a skype call.

Here some feedbacks about past workshops:

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Feel free to contact me also by email or call me 06-34774532 from Tuesday to Saturday. I am available for skype sessions, name contact: Somesh Valentino Curti