Martin – Olanda – Testimonial terapia per vergogna e insicurezza

ottobre 10th, 2017 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Testimonial Therapy Amsterdam
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It was difficult for me to accept the situation that I was in and to look for help. Partly because of my cultural upbringing but mainly because of denial and being ashamed. But right after we met I felt that I was at the right place. Somesh Valentino Curti radiates calmness and tranquility and is a good listener. My way of dealing with painful situations and memories was to ignore them, to push them away. The slightest trigger could tap into this pool of bad emotions, built-up over many years, causing an outburst often unrelated to what triggered it and for sure exaggerated. Somesh gave me the tools to recognize and to handle myself during these situations. This process takes time but I feel much better now and I am very glad that I reached out to him.

Martin - The Netherlands - Testimonial therapy for shame and insecurity

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