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Addiction to food (anorexia, bulimia), sex (porn, prostitutes, compulsive behaviour), relationships, gambling, money, work, shopping, substances (drugs, alcohol) etc. It can take many forms but it has the same mechanism and root. It is one of the answers that we, as human beings, create in order not to feel pain, or at least to try to cushion and escape it. We constantly use and/or abuse an object of pleasure as a compensation for the emotional pain we feel or we felt in the past.

Being in the grip of one or more addictions means living in a cage. No matter what we are addicted to, we are on a dead-end street – unless, at a certain point, we feel an urgent need for changing. Something in us warns that this behavior is slowly starting to dominate our lives. A desire for freedom and/or the external pressure of those who love us, encourage us to look for a greater and longer-lasting good, instead of just a palliative one.

The addiction creates a “zero” time, a cut, a break between us and the perception of pain. The problem is that the more we are trapped in the addiction, the more the pain remains trapped, confirmed and amplified, creating a downward spiral.

Each addiction is a learned mechanism, therefore you can let it go. The way and the time in which this can happen is absolutely individual and unique. Addiction is a search for pleasure – though artificial – and it is also a container for our emotional pain which is asking to be expressed and released.

My role is to support you during the process of de-conditioning from the addiction mechanism and create the circumstances for the deepest healing possible. I will help you find an appropriate strategy for your specific addiction, to reconnect to the people in your life in an open and authentic way and to express your repressed emotions and feelings. The key is to give yourself the possibility to start over.

In addition to the sessions of psychological support, during this deconditioning process I use: Emotional release techniques, Body relaxation exercises (Bioenergetics), Silent and dynamic meditations.


If you are experiencing a difficult moment in your life and you need support to deal with your addiction, feel free to contact me.

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