Anxiety and Emotional instabilities

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Emotional Instability:

The Bird Man, Somesh 2010

Emotional instability is what happens when we suppress our emotions, not allowing them to come up to the surface. This dynamic can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, conflicts and low self esteem. Emotional instability causes suffering and pressure; it is the way our inner world warns us and communicates that a change is needed. We must take advantage of that pressure and transform it into a positive energy!

With my work I help you heed that wake-up call and discover that every emotional instability contains the seed of our transformation. It will grow and will help you find the power and courage to live your life according to what your inner world is telling you.

To support you I use a method I call “from Re-pression to Ex-pression”: a process during which you can unblock your emotions and start living in tune with your core life energy.

Specifically, I combine a variety of therapy, creativity and meditation techniques (see, How I work) in order to find the best and most specific way to stimulate your process of change.

Emotional Instability:

“Feelings”, Somesh, 2009

Emotional instability can occur in the following cases (areas in which I am specialized):

Anxiety, depression, isolation: life can present us with situations that are difficult to handle. Together we can work to find out what the right path for you is and let the NEW manifest itself. (Read more about Anxiety, Anger and Emotional pain)

Low Self-esteem: sometimes you can feel trapped in judgements about yourself like feeling down and not worthy. Therapy is a good answer because it helps to see that these judgements are not true and that you don’t have to hold on to your past negative experiences anymore, they can be released. (Read more about Self esteem)

Crisis situations like diseases and stress: I can support you if you are in one of these high-intensity situations.

Conflicts at work: I can help you bring clarity about your conflicts within your working environment, develop your abilities to solve them and find ways to express your talents.

Addictions (substances, relationships, compulsive behavior): I can support you to find the right program or strategy to tackle your problem, to reconnect with people who are important in your life and start opening up to life again. Read more about Addiction

If you fall in any of the above cases don’t hesitate to contact me and share your experience.

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