Alice – Italy – Testimonial anxiety and relationship therapy

February 25th, 2016 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Testimonial Therapy Amsterdam
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When I moved to Amsterdam, together with my clothes I brought with me a huge baggage packed with all the unresolved issues of my life: insecurity, dissatisfaction and fear. I unpacked this baggage in a new city, with no friends, no family, no job and with an unstable relationship. It was too much! I started to feel lethargic, apathetic and unhappy. Then the anxiety came out. When I met Somesh Valentino Curti, I immediately understood I was finally going in the right direction; the Emotional Release workshops also helped me opening my eyes. The anxiety is gone but the most wonderful thing is that the fear also abandoned me, leaving the space and energy for big changes in my life, which reveal happiness. THANK YOU!

Alice - Italy - Testimonial anxiety and relationship therapy

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