Zoe – Italy – Testimonial eating disorder therapy

June 25th, 2015 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Testimonial Therapy Amsterdam
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Somesh Valentino Curti helped me to look at what’s going with me, and why I’m acting in this way with food, the experience with him is a step closer to the freedom I chase everyday. I really appreciate the support he gave me during the period I was in The Netherlands before I went back to Italy. Healing it’s a long and tortuous path and it’s never sure if you have solved or not your issue. I loved the useful practical technique such as shake, meditation and exercises. Now I know more which mechanisms take part in my mind and after years I understood that the only way to bear all this is to be patient and to keep faith that one day it won’t only be armful but useful.

Zoe - Italy - Testimonial eating disorder therapy

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