Luca – Italy – Testimonial expat therapy

March 30th, 2016 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Testimonial Therapy Amsterdam
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Somesh Valentino Curti helped me a lot when I moved to the Netherlands. I was going through one of the most difficult moments of my life and I realized that I needed help. At that time the relationship with my girlfriend was not working and every day was very heavy and I discovered that my dog had a tumor. My job involves traveling and was more and more stressful. I felt lost and I thought of not being able to make it anymore. Within a few months I started to solve all these problems and find my way back, I thought it would take much more time! But using the tips of Somesh, today I have rediscovered the pleasure to live and work. I really like its simple and effective method, and I can only thank him. Thank you Somesh

Luca - Italy - Testimonial expat therapy

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