Louis – The Netherlands – Testimonial emotional and sexual block therapy

March 28th, 2017 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Uncategorized
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Initially I was advised by my girlfriend to seek help from a specialist for my sexual and emotional block. She found Mr Curti and at the beginning I had no clue on how he could help me. Also because I was kind of sceptical and probably deep down ashamed. It was big step to overcome for me, to seek help in this way. But as our conversations progressed I started realizing  a shift within myself. I was becoming more aware of my feelings and of the reasons of my impotence. I was learning how to stay with my emotions and how to express them; it was also the solution of my sexual block. The therapy gave me a new and deeper perspective on how I am and tools on how to deal with my feelings. I learnt that often my rationality is taking over in many situations when I should feel more. Overall it was a great experience and it helped me to continue my journey in life better than before. Mr Curti was very understanding and responsive to my situation and made me feel very comfortable. The therapy enabled me “to let things go”. Kind regards
Louis - The Netherlands - Testimonial emotional and sexual block therapy

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