Altan – Turkey – Testimonial insecurity and self esteem

May 11th, 2016 | Posted by Somesh Valentino Curti in Testimonial Therapy Amsterdam
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I came to Somesh Valentino Curti with the feeling that I felt insecure and with certain things i noticed in my daily life. And I needed approval for other people around me. Fortunately, after few sessions, and an article I read from him, I could face myself in the mirror with full conviction. Now I feel that I don’t need anybody to approve my thoughts or actions in order to be more secure with who I am, that the mistakes we make in life are not something to be afraid of but they are something we can use in the future as experience. Feeling/being more out there has changed my life immensely, to be more out of my comfort zone. Without bad there is no good 🙂

Altan - Turkey - Testimonial insecurity and self esteem

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