A conscious choice

Imartedi, a magazine of Bologna (Italy) presents a dossier about Italians living abroad. Emotional Instabilities“A conscious choice” is an article that I wrote about my experience in Amsterdam. It is available only in Italian.


“I left Italy in 2009, after having resigned from a permanent job as a psychologist for drug addicts and street migrants, at one of the most important social associations in Italy. I needed fresh air, to be reborn, to find myself and a place where I could re-start living in a new and creative way. Sometimes you have to start from scratch, and changing country can be an opportunity for a radical change of identity. Placing the adventure, the unpredictability and the unknown in front of it frightens but excites at the same time, and is the foundation of our growth as individuals. […]”


You can read more here: Una scelta consapevole

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Author: Somesh Valentino Curti

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