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Expat Therapy is the name of my practice as English- and Italian- speaking psychologist in Amsterdam since 2011. I give support to expats facing emotional and psychological difficulties in their integration process in The Netherlands. Here you can find the content of the following pages:


What is Expat Therapy

What is Expat Therapy: This is the name of my practice to support expats in their life abroad. It is based on the integration of my professional education and my expat experience. After a first session in which we get to know each other, we start a Basic Program of 8 sessions. Read more about What is Expat Therapy




Expat process

Expat Process: Here you find a description of the emotional and psychological difficulties one can experience during his/her process of integration in a new country. Read more about Expat Process




Lasciare l'Italia: un puzzle!

For Italians: This page is entirely dedicated to Italians abroad. I am Italian as well, and, due to my personal experience, I know all the intercultural dynamics in which we get involved when we expatriate. Read more about For Italians

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Somesh Valentino Curti

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