What is Expat Therapy
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What is Expat Therapy

Expat Therapy is the name of my practice as psychologist for expats facing difficulties during their process of integration in The Netherlands. Emotional instability, addiction, relationship and sexuality issues are some of the difficulties that they may be experiencing.

It is a process through which one can set himself/herself free from old patterns, opening up to new perspectives and possibilities in life, so that one can become creative, sensitive and fully alive again.

An “Expat” is an individual who resides in a different country from his homeland. The word “expat”, in my opinion, also reflects a way of life based on travelling, meeting people and seeking better opportunities. I am an expat myself, and I am professionally qualified to support others expats who are facing difficulties in everyday life abroad.

Therapy” refers to my professional practice. I am a therapist not only because of my studies, training and work experience in different areas such as expats’ issues, emotional expression, relating and sexuality, creativity and meditation, but also because of all the life experiences I have had travelling around the world. As a therapist I integrate and use different approaches in my practice, which is based on the combination of therapy, creativity and meditation techniques (to have more information, see How I work).

8 Sessions approach

PathExpat Therapy starts with a first session during which we get to know each other and define how I can help you.

Then we start what I call a Basic program: 7 sessions in which we define what is the situation situation you want to change, what is the goal you wish to achieve and also choose an appropriate therapeutic strategy. It is a process of “grounding” yourself in what you really need in this moment of your life.

During the 8th session, we check the results of the basic program and, if necessary, continue working on your issue more deeply, face another topic and explore new sides of yourself. The number of sessions, frequency and therapeutic strategy will be determined according to your needs.

If you are experiencing a difficult moment in your life and need support, feel free to contact me completing the form below.

Here some articles rappresentative of my way of working: A problem called “Happiness”, The TAO of emotional pain, Life outside the comfort zone

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