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We are Somesh Valentino Curti (NIP and EuroPsy Psychologist) and Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal (Holistic Coach), two English- Italian- and Dutch- speaking Psychologists offering therapy sessions of Emotional Release in Amsterdam, abroad and online. We help you to express your suppressed emotions to support your process of empowerment and individual growth. Our method developed over many years of experience in the field of Body-oriented Psychology and is effective for various types of psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues and trauma.


Why is it important to work at the physical level? Because all psychological problems lean on an emotional basis that resides in the body made mainly of three emotions: fear, anger and emotional pain combined together. Conversational therapy is often not enough to create the conditions for a complete and profound change.


During these sessions we guide you to become more aware of the sensations and emotions at the core of your issue, to open up to these feelings and to express them in a dynamic and direct way.


The goal is to help you to fully meet your deep emotions and experience a release, in order to move from a position of feeling stuck and suffering to a position of freedom and opening.

These sessions are ideal if you feel…

  • Closed, unhappy or depressed and are looking for feeling open and light again
  • Anxious, afraid and stressed and are looking to feel relaxed and more peaceful
  • Alone and isolated and are looking to feel connected with yourself and others
  • Confused and unsatisfied with yourself and/or your relationships and are looking for a way to feel fulfilled
  • Angry or enraged and would like to find a healthy outlet for these feelings
  • Ashamed and inhibited and are looking to be really yourself

Or maybe you already feel good and happy but are looking for new experiences that can enrich your life and open you up even more: we offer you tools like in an emotional gym, in which you can exercise your capacity to feel and enlarge that capacity to appreciate yourself and your life even more!


How does it work?

At the beginning of the session we will have a conversation in which you can explain us about the emotional, physical, situational or psychological issue you want to work on. Then, we focus on creating a “tailor made” process (about one hour) in which we integrate various body-oriented exercises according to your needs.

You can see here some video about some of the exercises and techniques we use:

In our practice we use for example: Voice-liberation, Screaming, Body-Shaking, Bioenergetics, Focusing, Relaxation and Breathing Exercises, Guided Meditations. Our work is to support you in your process of free expression in a safe environment.

How are individual sessions different from Group sessions?

During individual sessions we can be more specific than in group sessions in addressing the roots of your suffering and helping you to become more emotionally open. Sometimes it is necessary to have a more individual approach to the situations you experience or have experienced and the emotions and feelings from which they arise.

We will be by your side to guide you step by step to understand yourself deeper, to open yourself up emotionally and to free yourself from what blocks you.


How can I start?

These sessions can be part of the individual or couple therapy that you have with Tessa or Somesh or with another therapist. They can also be a therapeutic process by itself. If your interest is the latter, we require an intake session to help you find out if this kind of sessions are appropriate for you.

Here some testimonials:


To know more about Emotional Release Therapy, check our website or write us using the contact form below: www.emotional-release-workshops.com

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