Individual Therapy and Couple Therapy

I am an English- and Italian- speaking psychologist for expats working in Amsterdam since 2011. I started my practice in 2006 in Italy and I give individual and couple sessions.

During our sessions I welcome you in my studio, a safe space where you can open up and share what is going on in yourself and in your life. The “heart” of my way of working is based on Listening attentively to what you say, Suggesting new perspectives to look at your situation in a broader and deeper way and Facilitating therapeutic exercises to connect with your emotions at the root of your problem. I don’t judge you and I always respect you and accept you in the way you are.

We create your therapeutic path together by checking step by step what works best for you. My intention is to help you feeling better about yourself and changing what is not working in your life, so that you can satisfy your most important needs. The tools I propose in this process of transformation are Therapy, Creativity and Meditation and I am going to describe them to you below.


Listening, Mirroring and Confronting Sessions: These are sessions where I help you to become more aware of your behaviors, thoughts and emotions, to discover new sides of yourself and to find the way out of your problem. When I listen to you, you find the space and time to freely express yourself without any kind of censorship. When I mirror you, it becomes easier for you to see what is happening inside yourself and many confusing situations become clear. When I confront you, I stimulate your suppressed emotions and feelings to come out in order to give you the possibility to release them and feel more free and relaxed.

In addition to the traditional conversational therapy I can propose, if I think it can be beneficial to your therapeutic path, more practical methods: Bioenergetics, Emotional Release Techniques and Bodywork Exercises. They involve body movements, sound-making and breathing exercises of different intensity, to reduce rapidly your symptoms and address difficult emotions like fear or anger. In fact, all psychological problems lean on an emotional basis of deeper emotions that, if not expressed and released, prevents you to experience positive emotions like happiness and joy. It is like having a physical wound which hurts: until it is not healed you cannot feel well and relaxed. Working on your body and emotions in this direct way in a safe environment gives you psychological, physical and emotional relief and a deep sense of self-acknowledgment at all levels (to know more: see Emotional release sessions and Workshops).


Role-playing: This helps you to look at yourself from different angles, to discover new things about yourself and others and enrich your relational skills. This process is an exploration of your inner world and of your relationships which allows you to feel more complete within, understand others better and find new ways to change important situations in your life.

Drawing, Visualizing and Spontaneous Writing: Exercises of imagination give shape to your unconscious emotions and feelings to allow you to “see” them and therefore to address them. They help you to learn the language of your inner world and to create a dialogue with it. This process deepens the knowledge of yourself, gives you new possibilities of expression and expands your creativity.

Creativity therapy


Active Meditations: These techniques are defined as “active” because they include body movements and sound-making which allow you to release tensions and relax your mind and body. This is the necessary prerequisite to access smoothly a real meditative state of peace and contentment. Many of these techniques were created by an Indian master called Osho and after so many years of practice, I use them in my own way and I adapt them to your individual needs.

These techniques were tailor-made for the “modern man” with his frantic, complex and dynamic life living in a society focused only on the external world: money, work, career, relationships, power, recognition etc. Meditation therefore becomes a revolution, because we close our eyes to these external things and start a journey in which, little by little, we give more and more space to our inner world. We discover that what really matters in life is within us and is beyond how we appear.

Here you can watch one of the active meditations: Shaking. It helps to ground you in your body, relax your mind and feel more alive and in peace. How beautiful to literally shake off the weight of stress and to express your emotions in a direct and effective way! To see more of these techniques you check this page: Emotional Release Sessions

If you you want know more and try the methods I use, feel free to contact me.