Relaxation Therapy

A special note for people with anxiety, stress and burn-out problems: I collaborate with my wife and colleague Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal, Psychologist and Relaxation Therapist. She gives Relaxation training in individual or group sessions in Amsterdam.

Tessa NagtegaalTessa is a Dutch and English speaking psychologist, relaxation specialist, and mindfulness facilitator.

She has lived the expat-life many years ago in New Delhi, India and since her return to Amsterdam, the Netherlands has always found herself naturally surrounded by an international group of people.

Tessa is also an Emotional Release Therapist and a member of the Dutch professional association BATC, through which her alternative healthcare sessions can partially be refunded by Dutch health insurance companies.

Relaxation therapy helps through stress management: during these sessions you’ll clarify what the major stress factors in your life are and how to balance them. Aside from that, during some sessions, you will be guided to experience complete relaxation of body and mind through various body-awareness exercises like focusing, progressive and autogenic relaxation training, sometimes combined with breathing techniques.

Also, please take a look at the Frozen Leaf Self Holding Practice that she offers. A unique and effective relaxation technique that works deeply and immediately and works for everyone, whether you have 0% or 100% meditation or relaxation experience.


Contact and info:; 06-24889878

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