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What is the main subject of Emotional Release Workshops?

Emotional Release Workshops are a transformative group experience during which you get the opportunity to explore your inner world, express your emotions in a direct way and create a loving relationship with yourself and others. It is a practical approach to work on the basic emotions at the root of any psychological problem like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, trauma. This is a necessary step in order to solve your problem and its symptoms and access the positive emotions underneath it: joy, love and happiness.


Different themes

Each workshop deals with a different theme like: Exercising self-acceptance, The art of letting go, Exit feeling wrong, Meeting your fear with love, Feeling open and free and others.

If you are curious to know all the workshops we have done since 2014 and see the photos, you can visit our official website: emotional-release-workshops.com/past-events/


To know the theme of our next workshop you can click here: emotional-release-workshops.com/upcoming-workshops/

Our approach

You will be involved in a tailor-made process in which we integrate:

  • Body-oriented exercises like: Bioenergetics, Screaming and boxing therapy, Body-shaking and Gibberish, OSHO active meditations. You have the opportunity to express your emotions and release negativity in order to make more space for positive feelings to come on the surface and be experienced.
  • Relational exercises in group and in couples. You practice to share your feelings openly and to develop your communication skills, in order to overcome shame and inhibitions, be truly yourself and see that you are not alone.
  • Creative and meditation techniques like: Drawing your inner world, Self-holding, Guided meditations, Relaxation and breathing sessions. You become aware of unknown layers of your inner world, achieve a deeper acceptance of yourself and experience authentic relaxation.


You’ll be supported to trust that there is light at the end of the emotional tunnel and to take small or big steps out of your fear-zone. The aim is to help you to open up and feel more free and happy within and with others. 

Here some video about some of the exercises and techniques we use during our workshops:

Are our workshops something for you?

These workshops are most suitable for you who:

–       Are open to experiment and discover new things

–       Have the willingness to be honest and true with yourself and others

–       Are courageous and curious (at least for  1 day!); not letting fear stop you from confronting emotions like anger, pain, fear and joy!

–       Want to learn about/ participate in exercises that help you to understand and express your emotions

Have you participated in our previous workshops? Great! You are very welcome to join again as we will use different and similar exercises during this workshop.

Have you not participated in our previous workshops? Great! You are very welcome to join and experience this for yourself! If you like to get to know us before the workshop or have more information, we can arrange a skype call.

Here some testimonials about our past workshops:


To know more about Emotional Release Therapy, check our website or write us using the contact form below: www.emotional-release-workshops.com

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