Interesting Videos about Psychology, Society and Relationship

My name is Somesh Valentino Curti, I am a psychologist working for expats and Italians facing difficulties in their life in The Netherlands.

In this page I present a series of interesting and inspiring video about psychology, spirituality, society and relationship.


Date: 9/2/2018 Title: “Fear of rejection”

Description: Video by Rupert Spira, spiritual teacher

My comment: It is the first time I see a video in which the teacher says it all about a topic like love in relationship in 10 minutes. Prepare to be amazed!


Date: 8/6/2017 Title: “Alike”

Description: Video

My comment: A very nice video about waking up from our social trance and being free and alive!

Date: 5/1/2017 Title: “Gratitude”

Description: Video by Louis Schwartzberg, is an American director, producer, and cinematographer

My comment: A very nice video about gratitude and the sense of happiness coming out of ourselves when we remember that we are nature



Date: 18/11/2016 Title: “Overcomer”

Description: Video by H. Spangler

My comment: A video suggested by an ex- client about how connecting with our deep feelings of the inner child, creates deep love


Date: 7/9/2016 Title: “True Profound Happiness”

Description: Video by Luis CK, Comedian

My comment: Very nice video about the relationship between happiness and sadness. He explains it very well and in a hilarious way.


Date: 6/7/2016 Title: “Just Sitting”

Description: Video by Adyashanti, spiritual teacher

My comment: Very beautiful guided meditation for busy and/or negative mind. Adyashanti is able to guide you very deeply inside yourself and to help you revealing your natural capacity to observe the mind. Simple and short video as effective.


Date: 30/5/2016 Title: “I’m aware of fear that is almost continually in me”

Description: Video by Eckhart Tolle

My comment: Perfect description in 11 minutes about how to overcome fears in life, a must see.


 One of my videos about beautiful and inspiring quotes… Enjoy it!!!


Date: 25/3/2016 Title: “The basic fear is to come alive and have feelings”

Description: Video by Alexander Lowen, was an American physician and psychotherapist

My comment: Short but meaningful video that hits the core of any psychological problem


Date: 17/11/2015 Title: “Love is the Only Truth”

Description: Video by Leo Buscaglia, also known as “Dr. Love,” was an American author and motivational speaker, and a professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Southern California.

My comment: Sometimes we need to be shaken up in order to wake up again to what is ultimately truth


Date: 17/08/2015 Title: “Girl undresses in public for the most courageous cause”

Description: Video by The Liberators International

My comment: A girl with guts gives a message of self acceptance and love


Date: 8/07/2015 Title: “Let the whole world break your heart

Description: Video by gangaji, spiritual teacher

My comment: Very beautiful video about love, openess and being ready for what life brings to us.


Date: 29/01/2014 Title: “Working with people and compassion”

Description: Video by Humaniversity

My comment: Few days ago Veeresh passed away. He was a great therapist. He helped me to put my human needs first in my life and to do the same as therapist with my clients. After many books at the university, I finally met a therapist who was human and open and that taught me how to be human and open with love and compassion. He was able to bring therapy down to earth and to make it something warm that hits the human hearts and not just a clinical, burocratic or cold approach. It is a pleasure to share this video with you as tribute to him and his important work for people. Compassion is our main tool to deal with problems.


Date: 31/12/2014 Title: “The Big Kahuna – Final monologue”

Description: Video by Maya’s movie box

My comment:A great traching that can inspire during the last day of the year and the beginning of the new year! Enjoy it!


Date: 10/12/2014 Title: “Live fully now”

Description: Video by Tragedy&Hope with the words of Alan Watt

My comment:A very beautiful video for the pictures and the inspiring words by Alan Watt. It is an overview on how we live our life unconsciously and an inspiration to change our perspective and start to live fully now. Don’t lose time!


Date: 11/05/2014 Title: “Sweet mama dog interacting with a beautiful child with Down syndrome”

Description: Very touching video about love!

My comment: An example of true therapy and love! “Love is therapy, and there is no other therapy in the world except love. It is always love that heals, because love makes you whole. Love makes you feel welcome in the world. Love makes you a part of existence; it destroys alienation. Then you are no more an outsider here, but utterly needed.” Osho


Date: 15/02/2014 Title: “Oppressed Majority”, by Eleonore Pourriat

Description: The author gives us a glimpse of a hypothetical society in which women overpower men.

My comment: It is really interesting and gives me a real feeling of how it would be to live in this kind of society.

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