Interview at Radio Pizza

I was a guest of Radio Pizza, a radio for Italians in the Netherlands based in Utrecht. We talked about expat life, psychology and relationships. If you’re curious, you want to listen to a nice show and good music… here you have some audio files.


The show is in Italian

1) Introduction, What is Expat Therapy

Click here to listen to part 1


2) Working as psychologist in Italy and in Holland / Song: Fabrizio De André “Via del campo”

Click here to listen to part 2


3) My life experience: Italy, India, Greece and Holland

Click here to listen to part 3


4) Expat problems, anxiety and expat process / Song: Battiato “Segnali di vita”

Click here to listen to part 4


5) My experience in Amsterdam, master in Sexology and Relationship, Bioenergetics, meditation and creativity /Song: CSI “In viaggio”

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6) Long-ditance relationship, Quote: “Le difficoltá a livello culturale possono essere usate per costruire un muro o un ponte, dipende come le usiamo” / Song: 24 Grana “Accireme”

Click here to listen to part 6


7) Italians born in The Netherlands, Quote: “Bisogna andare oltre le difficolta’ e vederle come opportunita'”, Greetings / Song: Alla Bua “Lu rusciu de lu mare”

Click here to listen to part 7


Here you have the link for the complete interview:

Complete interview expat radio


Expat Therapist

Radio Pizza









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