Relationship conflict
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Relationship and couple therapy

The couple’s relationship is one of the most beautiful and at the same time most difficult things we can experience in life. We fall in love with each other, open up, take important decisions that can change our life and maybe have a family.

But we can also experience situations in which the connection that we were feeling so strongly in the beginning fades away and fights replace hugging and tenderness. We don’t understand and respect each other anymore; something in the couple breaks, generating frustration, misunderstanding and feelings of anger and fear.

The lack of sex can be a source of dissatisfaction in one or both the partners in long term relationships and the lack of individual freedom and spontaneity can bring one of the two to leave. Sacrificing sides of ourselves for the fear to lose the partner we love suppresses our individual needs and desires and makes us feel unhappy and eventually angry at the partner.

If you are living one of these moments, therapy is a valid tool that can express hidden emotions and feelings, bring clarity to your situation, and find a way out of your conflicts. It is an open and safe space in which you can express yourself as you really are and allow your deepest needs to come out.

This process is based on unfolding what is hidden, developing the capacity to relate with and understand each other.

Therapy helps you to start afresh and to take decisions about your present and future from a more grounded, open and clear position. The goal is to root into your feelings, emotions and awareness:

› “What do I need in this moment? What do I really want?”

› “What do we need from each other? What do we really want?”


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